Thank you so much and God bless you all!

Hello everyone,
The end is in sight. This amazing journey that began 12 weeks ago is ending in a couple days. Tomorrow we walk into Ottawa, our final destination. On Saturday we’ll pray outside the abortion facility, attend a rally on Parliament Hill that had been planned to celebrate the end of our walk, and then finish off by speaking at several parishes in Ottawa on Saturday evening and Sunday. This summer has been a truly amazing experience, with the ups and downs, the joys and the challenges. We made it through the mountains, wind and rain, flooding, mosquitoes, and everything that posed a challenge to walking. We met so many wonderful people, those who welcomed us into their homes, gave us an encouraging word, or even were just open to hearing the prolife message, sometimes for the first time.  Everywhere we went, people thanked us for standing up for life. My response is always to thank them, because without the people along the way supporting, praying, and encouraging us, we would never make it to where we are now. So I am taking this opportunity to say to all of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this walk possible. Every prayer, every thumbs up, every donation, every kind word is appreciated. It was only through the generosity and support of people across the country and beyond that we were able to be a voice for the unborn in such a beautiful way this summer. So again, thank you. Thank you so much.

Even though this walk is ending, our mission continues. We all must continue to pray and sacrifice for an end to abortion, euthanasia, and all that goes against a culture of life. We have been across the country and have seen for ourselves that the culture of life is growing. There are countless people working tirelessly to bring the prolife message to as many people as possible. There is hope. Canada is changing. Even from three years ago I have noticed a change. When I did this walk in 2011, we seemed to receive a lot more negative responses then we did this year. It is only a matter of time, hard work, prayer, sacrifice, and commitment before we see an end to abortion in Canada. So please, continue throughout this year to do whatever is in your power to bring about a culture of life. No effort is wasted, or too small. We must all work together and in Christ, we will succeed!

Thanks again to all who made it possible to reach so many people with the prolife message this summer. Today, please join me in thanking God for the safety and success of our walk, and for all those that have been touched by our presence this summer.

You are all in my prayers! May God richly bless you all!

More pictures



Walking in Quebec city


More walking 🙂


Walking through old Quebec city. (Try to spot all the yellow t shirts). We had a lot of people stop us and ask what prolife means 🙂 


Walking on the Plains of Abraham


What can I say? We make a great team! 


Picture update

Praying outside the abortion facility in Montreal on the weekend.


 “Faith is taking the first step even when your can’t see the whole staircase “-Martin Luther King Jr

We climbed all 402 steps! ( Yes, I counted! You can only see part of the staircase in this picture)


Spent time at Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal. Saint Andre, pray for us!


 Overlooking Montreal from the Oratory.IMG_20140809_100651263Praying at St Andre’s tomb.





 Eating breakfast together as a team! Special thanks to our hosts!

“We pray for the Crossroads Walkers who are yawning and bleary eyed…”

 This was the beginning of a petition at Mass this morning. So yes, it was a busy weekend and I guess it showed. On the weekend we attended Mass at 10 parishes in 7 cities in and around the GTA. This was by far our busiest weekend but with the grace of God, we pulled it off fantastically. We also met lots of great people and priests. I was in my home diocese and I happened to be assigned to the parish where my past parish priest is ( which I didn’t realize until I walked into church) so it was great to see him again.

We stayed in Guelph with one of my friends from university and I also got to see some other friends. We were also treated to an amazing dinner by the right to life president of the area. It felt like coming home and we were spoiled the whole weekend. Walking this morning we passed by the University of Guelph where I got my degree. It was neat to be walking there where I spent years working with the prolife group on campus.

So as the priest at Mass prayed for us this morning please continue to keep us in your prayers as we are nearing the end of our journey. We will continue to pray for you as we walk. Today please also pray for all abortionists that they may stop taking lives and embrace the culture of life.

God bless!
-Christine 🙂

A Walk In the Park

IMG_20140729_200028758_HDR This week we walked through Algonquin Park (see picture). Although we got a little wet along the way it was still a  beautiful experience. One of the girls saw a moose while she was driving but the rest of us missed out. Although I was hoping to see some moose and bears along the way I’m also just as happy that we passed through uneventfully.

Last night and today we have been enjoying the hospitality of the wonderful people in Barry’s Bay. They had a great barbeque for us yesterday at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy. After Mass this morning we were treated to breakfast. It’s a blessing to spend time with such amazing people.

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be driving down towards Toronto for the weekend. We’ll be speaking at parishes in Kitchener, Waterloo, Oakville, Hamilton, Scarborough and Burlington. We’ll also get to spend time in Guelph (where I lived for a few years while I went to school). It’s shaping up to be a busy but awesome weekend.

Aside from the rain, we have been enjoying some awesome weather. It’s been cool, partially sunny, and almost no humidity. The mosquitoes have also been less of a problem this week which is a huge blessing.

Please continue to pray for us as we are for all of you. Please also pray for all those who may have been affected by abortion that they will find healing and peace.

May God bless you all!